A Recap of the Pineapples Day Out Journey

Pineapples Day Out is a collection of 5000 randomly generated NFTs based on 109 different traits such as skins, crowns, accessories, and others, on the Ethereum blockchain. This was founded by Natasha and Laura; a powerful duo of ladies from Uganda who entered the NFT community together in late March. This project was created because Uganda experienced a 2nd wave of COVID in May/June and entered another lockdown for a period of 42days. Therefore, the ladies had enough time to focus and build this, the way they wanted to. The Pineapples team also includes Sydney and the best developer, Silvère.

Pineapples Day Out public sale went live on 31st July at 6pm EST and sold out on 2nd September at around 3pm EST. The sale lasted 32days and 21hrs, full of the GRIND and HUSTLE from the Pineapples team. There was no paid influencer pump; everything Pineapples Day Out is 100% organic.

“To sell out was a very big milestone for everyone. We felt the love from the community and, things were only just getting started. I don’t think I am ever going to forget that night.” Laura shared.

The mission of the Pineapples Day Out is to support artists in the NFT community and carry out charity activities at home (Uganda) with the earnings from the primary sales.

Laura mentioned in her Packrip Media interview (link) that she would love to onboard more African artists/creators onto the blockchain to create financial freedom for themselves just as she has been doing for herself these past few months. How? By creating an Ethereum fund to provide minting fees to African artists on top of the already existing Tezos fund. Currently, 25 African artists have been supported, both on the Ethereum and Tezos blockchain through the AfricaToTheWorld page. Laura is always happy to help out if she can or point them in the right direction where she can’t.

The Pineapples are also supporting artists through the Guggen-Pine; a community museum that is collecting artwork from pineapples holders or artists within the community that have never sold.

“When starting out, my first sale was like a month or so later which was awesome but, it felt like a very long time. However, if you decided to look around, there are creators who have never sold any of their work for over 3 months and I am not sure how they are feeling.” Laura shared.

On top of this, we are looking to reward the Pineapples Day Out holders in any way that suits the pineapples brand for their continued support and create overall value for the project.

Recently, the Guggen-Pine collected a very beautiful piece “Tetrapylon of Aphrodisias” by ApricotBlossomDesign that had a redeemable print for the collector. Just as mentioned earlier, the Guggen-Pine is community owned so every holder had the opportunity to participate and win this print. It was raffled in the Discord for 48hrs and won by ThePutUp who shared a reveal video on Twitter when he got it (Link to reveal video).

Tetrapylon of Aphrodisias

We also came across the Crypto Kaiju toys that were pineapple themed and WE LOVE THE PINEAPPLES so a decision to buy a couple of them to give out to some holders of the Pineapples Day Out community was made. These toys were given to active Discord members and shipped out by Crypto Kaiju thereafter. Congratulations to SilentOwl_19, Darstar and Topshotboi for winning these cuties.

Crypto Kaiju Pineapple Themed Toys

There are so many expectations from the community and therefore lots of time has been put into research and building to fulfil the demand. This meant that the team was overwhelmed and has less time to interact with the community as much as before. Therefore, there was a need to add more members onto the team as “Life Guards” to help out on Discord and Twitter so that everything being built is done perfectly. Mcken and Poz were added to the Pineapples team. First we were 4 but, now we are 6.

On 1st October, we revealed a Roadmap 2.0 without giving any detail on the various events/items shown but only stating that when something is ready, it will be rolled out accordingly. However, the shape of the roadmap is represented by a pentagon which we said symbolises perfection and power; perfection of how everything will be done and the power of the pineapples community.

Any guesses on what will be rolled out first? Stay tuned for more updates!




Documenting the pineapples on the blockchain.

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Pineapples Day Out

Pineapples Day Out

Documenting the pineapples on the blockchain.

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